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Mastercrafts with Monty Don DVD Set/2 - REDUCED TO CLEAR
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A major new exploration of traditional British craftsmanship! Britain's craftsmen were once the envy of the world. From the stonemasons who created our finest cathedrals to the master carpenters who constructed the vaulted ceilings and elaborate timber frames in some of the grandest stately homes. The past hundred years has seen a steep decline in these highly skilled trades but recently there is a real and growing interest in handmade crafts and the world of the bespoke. This series hosted by Monty Don, celebrates all aspects of rural crafts including woodcraft, thatching, weaving, stone masonry, blacksmithing and glass making and helps put traditional British crafts back on the map in a novel and inventive way. It reveals the fascinating history of British craftsmanship, inspiring interest and involvement in these valuable and rewarding crafts and showcases some of Britain's leading craftsmen explaining the techniques at the heart of their trades. Unskilled people get the chance to learn a craft and try and prove they have what it takes to join the ranks of the Britain's Master Craftsmen. Mastercrafts represents a major shift in attitudes towards appreciating handmade, sustainable crafted products rather than the cheap mass-produced items with which people have become increasingly disillusioned. Special Feature : Monty Don Biography and Picture Gallery Approximate Running Time: 352 minutes  with Dolby Audio

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