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Stunning Australian Native Bird Collection
Product Model:1837X

From $19.95

Model Name Select Price
18372 Stunning Australian Native Bird Mugs (Set of 2) $29.95
18373 Stunning Australian Native Bird Coasters (4 Pack) $14.95
18374 Stunning Australian Native Birds Serving Plate 25cm $19.95
18375 Australian Native Bird Teapot $39.95
18376 Australian Native Bird Sugar & Creamer $39.95
18377 Stunning Australian Native Bird Napkins (20 Pack) $4.95
18378 Stunning Australian Native Bird Collection $119.75

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Stunning Australian Native Bird Collection

Every delicate brushstroke on this artist created collection celebrates the beauty and cheeky personalities of our two most adored native birds. The majestic kookaburra and fairy wrens grace this classic bone china tea set. The natural colours with blue accents and real gold trim make this a stunning set for daily use and entertaining guests.

#18375 Teapot 1L… $39.95
#18376 Sugar & Creamer…$39.95
#18374 Serving Plate 25cm…$19.95
#18373 Ceramic Coasters 4pk…$14.95
#18372 Two 280mL Mugs Gift Pack…$29.95
#18377 Paper Napkins 20pk…$4.95

FREE Mugs Gift Pack

When you purchase the entire set, you will receive both 280 mL mugs, plus the heart gift box.

#18378 Native Birds Full Collection $119.75

¨ Teapot ¨Sugar¨Creamer¨Serving Plate¨4 Ceramic Coasters¨20pk Napkins¨2 Bird Mugs FREE 

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