Home Shopping Expertise

Home Shopping Expertise


Yes that's right! 

We are the mail order experts and know how to source unique products and get them to you safely and securely.

Back in 1998 we discovered some very useful products from our friends in the USA and they suggested we "give it a go" and take their products to Australia.

From those humble beginnings we built a traditional mail order catalogue business, sending out millions of home shopping catalogue each year. Just like Sears were the first big mail order gurus in the United States, Bright Life have pioneered the mail order shopping landscape in Australia for decades.

Fast forward to today. We are a family owned business in Sydney with solid foundations, employing over 20 people, and keeping thousands of customers happy with our great quality products and gifts every month.

We get excited when we find the latest gadgets, gifts, healthcare items, homewares, gardening, tools, kitchen products, and so much more. We even have classy unique furniture that solve storage problems and serve unique purposes in the home.

Best of all, we don't only have one category. Every need and part of your life is covered by Bright Life. Even helpful items to assist with incontience - which can oftentimes be embarassing buying for in stores - whether you're a carer or managing health issues such as incontience, a bad back, arthritis, or you need hearing aids and vision aids - we have you covered, and your products arrive packed discreetly.

Our warehouse has thousands of products in stock and ready to send to you, so shop securely online with us today... we'll even include our famous mail order catalogue with your order so you can sit back with a cuppa and browse more of our great items.

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